NanoFASE ENMs Experimental Toolbox

In order to be able to predict the behaviour of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) in the environment, NanoFASE proposes a catalogue of environmental fate models. The model parameters are derived from experimental work relying in turn on sets of test ENMs synthesized specifically for the project, or acquired from industry partners or commercial suppliers. The ENMs used for NanoFASE provide very specific features to facilitate the conduct and interpretation of the experimental work, for example: labelling to track test ENMs against a high background of similar particles occurring naturally; test particles such as silver sulfide ENMs mimicking the transformations that ENMs undergo when released to the environment. 

All NanoFASE ENMs were extensively characterised under the exposure conditions relevant for the measurement of ENM fate and behaviour as they move through the environmental ‘reactors’ of air, water and sediment, soil, and/or waste water treatment plants (WWTPs) and in the relevant biota. In the Clickable Framework, visitors can access detailed descriptions of procedures for dispersion and for characterisation, with links to existing (e.g. OECD) procedures, or to newly developed NanoFASE procedures including Functional Fate Assays  to determine specific model parameters, such as attachment efficiency in soils.

Finally, all of the data generated within NanoFASE is captured in the NanoFASE Knowledge Base, linked to the relevant procedures, ontological terms, ENM characterisation, and relevant case studies, allowing intelligent searching of the data and development of predictive models.

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NanoFASE ENMs Experimental Toolbox

NanoFASE ENMs Experimental Toolbox


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Iseult Lynch

University of Birmingham