The nanosafety puzzle showing how fate and exposure assessment link hazard, risk and safety by design in an integrated system – NanofASE will deliver the fate understanding.

NanoFASE aims to specifically address the need for regulatory development for nanotechnology by reducing uncertainties in the "fate" related aspects of risk assessment as a key link in the delivery of objectives for nanosafety (Figure). The project will support the development of innovative solutions to support better standardisation of risk assessment approaches, thereby helping to bring sustainable innovative nanotechnology products and services into the market. Combined with research initiatives on the other component of "hazard" assessment for health and the environment (e.g. OECD Sponsorship Program), risk assessment (e.g. NANoREG), and safe-by-design (e.g. NANoREG II), NanoFASE will bring a significant improvement in exposure assessment and reduction of risks related to ENMs over their life cycle (production, transport, use and disposal). NanoFASE specifically addresses the following impacts:

  1. improve innovation capacity and integrate new knowledge to provide significant economic and commercial impact;
  2. inform policy by enhanced EMN risk assessment in REACH and other regulatory regimes;
  3. input to future cultural and societal impacts for nanotechnology/nanosafety.


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