Main Outcomes

  • A fit-for-purpose, road-tested and future-proofed exposure assessment framework for ENMs, comprising models, experimental methods, standardised operating procedures and detection/ quantification in environmental media.
  • A state-of-the-art, flexible and future-proof NanoFASE modelling Framework, employing Functional Fate Groups, environmental reactors and dynamic multimedia modelling.
  • A fully operationalised version of the existing screening model SimpleBox4Nano, incorporating the latest algorithms and parameterisations of ENM transformation processes developed inside and outside NanoFASE.
  • A novel, practical and future-proofed approach to classification of ENMs for fate assessment purposes.
  • Methods, parameter values and model catalogues supporting the derivation of individual process models, describing transformation and transport processes in waste streams, air, soil and water/ sediment and uptake and accumulation in biota.


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