Work packages

The project will be guided from the stakeholder focused WP1, which will initially draw up the outline specification for the Exposure Assessment Framework. WP1 will, with the other two crosscutting WPs (WPs 2 and 3), enable and drive overall scientific coordination and delivery around the common goal of framework development. WP2’s role is to define and incorporate the "catalogue of compartment models" into the spatially-based modelling framework (NanoFASE model system) and SimpleBox4Nano. WP3 underpins the work by provision of a secured supply of well characterised commercial and "as manufactured", "as released" and "environmentally transformed" ENMs and a suite of high quality characterisation methods supported across the consortium. Studies of release sources, rates and forms in WP4 provide input parameters (location, ENM amount and form) that support the design of subsequent transformation and transport studies and for modelling in WPs 2 and 5-9. Studies in waste stream processing (WP5) will be a key focus given the important role of waste management infrastructure as a "gatekeeper" step between product release and the environment.

WP1 Case studies to validate modelling tools
WP2 Multimedia fate modelling
WP3 ENM supply, characterisation and transformation
WP4 Release forms and quantities from product life cycle
WP5 ENM transformation and release from managed waste streams
WP6 Effect of ENM form on environmental fate in air
Effect of ENM form on environmental fate in soil
WP8 Effect of ENM form on environmental fate in water and sediments
WP9 Bioavailability, bioaccumulation and food chain transport
WP10 Dissemination and interactions
WP11 Management and scientific coordination



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