Advisory Board





Peter Dobson Industry Advisor 1 & Chair (2015-2018) Warwick Manufacturing Group, UK

Former Director of Oxford University’s Science Park housing 26 companies (personally led 3 nano start-ups) 

Wendel Wohlleben  Industry Advisor 2 BASF, Germany Involved in nanotechnology product development and applications
David Carlander Industry Advisor 3 Nanotechnologies Industry Association Contributions to the development of regulatory support of nanotechnology 
Fredrick Klaessig Industry Advisor 4 Pennsylvania Bio Nano Systems LLC Product development and innovation in nanotechnology
Yasir Sultan Regulatory Advisor 1 Environment Canada, Canada Chair Steering Group on risk assessment and regulatory programs, OECD WPMN
Kathrin Schwirn Regulatory Advisor 2 UBA, Germany Lead in national regulatory body for ENM risk assessment
Simon Hoy  Regulatory Advisor 3 Environment Agency for England and Wales Leads in national regulatory body for ENM risk assessment
Anu Kapanen Regulatory Advisor 4 ECHA Head of Evaluation 1, European Chemicals Agency
Richard Vincent Regulatory Advisor 5 Defra, UK Head of International Chemicals and Nanotechnologies 
Andrej Kobe Regulatory Advisor 6 DG Environment Chemical and nanotechnology policy
Thomas Kuhlbusch Regulatory Advisor 7 BAuA, Germany Occupational Safety and Health: former work package leader for WP6 in NanoFASE
Mark Wiesner Research Advisor 1 Duke University, USA ENM fate, hazard and risk assessment including categorisation and governance 
Prof. Mike McLaughlin Research Advisor 2 Univerfsity of Adelaide, AUS International expert in environmental chemistry of trace metals
Marie Croteau Expert US Geological Survey, USA ENM bioavailability assessment 
Melanie Kah Expert University of Vienna Nanopesticides 
Jason Kirby Expert CSIRO, Adelaide, AUS  
Prof. Enzo Lombi Expert Uni South Australia, AUS Synchrotron and spectroscopy
Greg Lowry  Expert Uni Pittsburgh, USA ENM transformations
Jerome Rose Expert CEREGE, Aix, France X-ray tomography
Chady Stephan Expert Perkin Elmer, CAN Advanced ICP-MS
Natalie Tufenkji Expert McGill University Colloid behaviour
Jason Unrine Expert Uni Kentucky, USA Chemistry of ENMs in soils and waters 
Kevin Wilkinson Expert Uni Motreal ENM characterisation