Sedimentation (sediment deposition) is the loss of suspended particulate matter (SPM) from the water column under gravity from particle size classes whose density exceeds that of water. The amount deposited in any particular river, lake ocean or estuary reach will depend on the depth of the water and the water velocity.
The rate at which the particles settle towards the sediment is determined by the size and the density of the particles. Also playing a role are the shape of the particles and whether the water can flow through a porous structure of the particle or only around the particles.


Occurs in

                                         Water                                 Sediment                      


Fate descriptors 


                         Sedimentation rate

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Misra et al (2012) – Sci Tot Environ 438, 225-232.



  Frank von der Kammer

  University of Vienna, Austria 





  Sam Harrison

  Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH)