Tiered Exposure Assessment: Detailed NanoFASE guidance

Read the detailed guidance document containing a worked example of applying the NanoFASE Exposure Assessment Framework in the context of a tiered assessment

Using our industrial case study of FCCCO nano-enabled photocatalytic coating for roads, the framework and models were road-tested at three levels:
  1. Low tier: simple worst case assessments using hand calculations;
  2. Intermediate tier: assessment using SimpleBox4Nano;
  3. Higher tier: assessment using the NanoFASE WSO model.

Results of the exposure assessment are summarised with graphical comparisons of Predicted Environmental Concentrations (PECs) after one year of exposure, for soils, waters and sediments. At the lower tier PECs for soil and sediment have also been calculated for a set of example timescales of exposure, up to 100 years. 

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Tiered exposure assessment: Detailed NanoFASE guidance document 

Summary slideshows of the assessment approach and results



Stephen Lofts

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH)

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