• Enable form-specific release modelling, by development of detailed understanding of i) product-type and product-use based release forms; and ii) release pathways of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) across ENM-enabled product chains.
  • Optimise current, routine clean media methods for ENM characterisation to deliver repeatable and reproducible results in environmentally relevant complex matrices.
  • Develop a catalogue of process-informed compartment models, to describe the transformation across time of distributions and populations of ENM forms entering all key waste management or environmental compartments.
  • Work closely with research, industry and policy stakeholders to develop a fate and exposure assessment framework comprising validated standard operating procedures (SOPs), product value chain and waste management release modules, parameterised transformation algorithms and multimedia fate/exposure models, along with guidance for stakeholder use.
  • Ensure that the method and model developments have the widest and highest possible impact, by working with relevant communities (ECHA,OECD...) to enable uptake of NanoFASE methods and protocols into standards, into existing exposure prediction tools, and into mainstream chemical assessment tools, policy and regulation (e.g. EUSES & REACH, Industrial Emissions Directive, Waste Framework Directive).


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