Sulfidation rate constant

Describes the rate at which a metal-based nanoparticle reacts with available sulfide to form metal sulfides. 




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Where \(F_{CuO,t}\) is the remaining fraction of \(CuO\) at time \(t\) of the reaction of \(CuO\) with \(HS^{-}\), \(k\) is the Pseudo first-order reaction rate coefficient and \(t\) is the time. Pseudo first-order reaction rate coefficient \(k\) is defined as:

k = 6.4 \text{ mM}^{-1} \text{min}^{-1}

k' = k \cdot [HS^-]

  Colorimetric method using Zincon       X-ray absorption spectroscopy


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Alexander Gogos

EAWAG, Switzerland