Multimedia fate modelling: NanoFASE Atmospheric model

Once released in the atmosphere, ENMs are transported by atmospheric motion and ultimately deposited through surface processes and rain. In addition, ENMs can contribute to chemical reactions in the atmosphere.

In NanoFASE, spatially- and time- resolved maps of concentrations and depositions of ENMs are made using a Eulerian model at the European scale and, in higher resolution, at Thames catchment scale. Key input to all models include: 

  • Time resolved and spatially resolved emissions of ENM, as developed in the NanoFASE project
  • Meteorological fields, in particular wind and rain
  • Surface type information, e.g. forest, water, built-up surface.

Daily total deposition maps as modelled for air serve as input to the Water-Soil-Organism model.


Used for

                          Air                          NanoFASE water-soil-organism model






                Scavenging                                             Dry deposition

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Astrid Manders​

TNO, Netherlands​