NanoFASE Case Studies: Intentional or deliberate release

Some nano-enabled products deliberately employ release of ENMs into the environment to perform intended functions. Examples include nanopesticides, or NPs used for groundwater remediation. The NanoFASE case studies of such intentional release assess the fate of ENM from these applications, identifying factors that influence the ultimate destination of the NPs as well as NP transformation within the environment. These factors are translated into parameters improving the realism of NanoFASE models.

Remediation (nZVI) Nanopesticides (Copper Nanowires Nanopesticides (Soil transport) Nanofertilizers


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NanoFASE Report D7.3 Report on differences in framework for assessment of intentional versus unintentional terrestrial NM exposures.


Kah, M., Kookana, R.S., Gogos, A., Bucheli, T.D. (2018) A critical evaluation of nanopesticides and nanofertilizers against their conventional analogues. Nature Nanotechnology 13, pages 677–684.   





Jaroslav Nosek

Technical University of Liberec (TUL)




Susana Loueiro

University of Aveiro



Geert Cornelis

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)