Integration, dissemination, communication, standardisation, exploitation 


The emphasis of NanoFASE in developing an overall exposure assessment framework of direct relevance and usefulness to industrial end-users means that effective dissemination, standardization and exploitation activities are keys to the successful implementation of the work. Integration and dissemination activities will: 

  1. Maximize efficiency and optimize research investment by ensuring that NanoFASE integrates useful information from ongoing projects and initiatives, and from market intelligence; 

  1. Maximize the likelihood that NanoFASE outputs will be exploited by relevant stakeholders (industry and regulators) as soon as they are available and beyond the project lifetime; 

  2.  Manage operational links to other major European NanoSafety Cluster projects and other stakeholders, to ensure complementarity of modelling tools and exposure assessments with ongoing hazard work. 

These aims will be achieved by dedicated two-way communication with end users, other projects and the main stakeholders (industry, environmental consultants, standardization and regulatory bodies…) through: 

  • a permanent International Advisory Board and occasional consultation or training workshops,  
  • standardization activities, participation in and organization of conferences,

  • public deliverables, open access scientific publication and ad hoc dissemination material made available on the project website.