NanoFASE publication by our University of Plymouth scientists selected as ‘HOT article’ in the journal Environmental Science: Nano

The article "Dietary exposure to silver nitrate compared to two forms of silver nanoparticles in rainbow trout: bioaccumulation potential with minimal physiological effects" by NanoFASE scientists Nathaniel J. Clark, David Boyle, Benjamin P. Eynon and Richard D. Handy (University of Plymouth, UK) has been classified as a  ‘HOT article’, one of the top 10% of papers published in Environmental Science: Nano. Selection is based on the exceptionally positive referee reports the manuscript received during peer review, along with the Editor’s assessment of the significance and impact of the paper. This NanoFASE  paper is listed in the Environmental Science: Nano Recent HOT Articles.

Figure: Graphical abstract

Little is known about the trophic transfer of nano silver to fishes in aquatic food chains and questions are raised about dietary accumulation of pristine silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) as well as silver sulphide particles (Ag2S NPs) that are likely the most persistent form in the environment. The trout study conducted by NanoFASE scientists aimed to assess the bioaccumulation potential of these materials following dietary exposure to 100 mg kg−1 Ag as either AgNO3, Ag NPs or Ag2S NPs compared to no-added-Ag controls. Read the article:

Congratulations to our Young NanoScientist Nathaniel Clark and colleagues for this remarkable performance!