NanoFASE Hands-on Stakeholder Consultation, 14 May 2018 in Rome, Italy (SETAC Meeting)

Help shape the NanoFASE Framework! The NanoFASE integrated environmental Exposure Assessment Framework applicable to engineered nanomaterials will enable understanding and prediction on the "exposure" side of the risk assessment equation (Risk = Exposure x Hazard). 

If you are attending SETAC Rome – SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting, you are warmly invited to learn about concepts and approaches underpinning our Exposure Assessment Framework and help us tailor it to be even more suited to your specific needs in the Regulatory, Industrial, Research or Standardization sectors. Our approach encompasses value chain pathway analysis, transport and transformation processes throughout air, soil, freshwater, marine and biotic environmental compartments. Exemplar particles may include metal and metal oxide materials used in products such as antifouling paints, textiles, photocatalytic coatings for roads, inks, waste water treatment additives, and ground water and soil remediation products.

Monday 14 May 2018 (16:30-18:30, with refreshments), we'll gather a group limited to 24 persons, balanced across sectors, for case-based small group discussion led by coordinator Claus Svendsen (NERC) and others. This is a late-afternoon free workshop located within the SETAC conference centre. We also urge interested parties to look into our full-day scientific session 3.24 "The environment as a reactor determining fate and toxicity of nanomaterials".

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