NanoFASE organized a Hands-on Stakeholder Consultation event at SETAC Rome, May 14, 2018

NanoFASE organized a Hands-on Stakeholder Consultation at SETAC Rome – SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting, May 14, 2018. The 2-hour event was a hands-on guided tour for regulatory, academic and consultancy stakeholders presenting the concepts and approaches underpinning the our clickable Exposure Assessment Framework – and collecting detailed, cogent user feedback. The participants gave a wealth of advice on improving the communication of our tools. They impressed us with their structural suggestions, and gratified us with their enthusiasm.

NanoFASE's overall aim is to deliver an integrated Exposure Assessment Framework (protocols, models, parameter values, etc.) that:

  • Allows all stakeholders to assess the environmental fate of nano releases from industrial nano-enabled products,
  • Is acceptable in regulatory registrations and can be integrated into the EUSES model for REACH assessment,
  • Allows industry a cost-effective product-to-market process, and
  • Delivers the understanding at all levels to support dialogue with public and consumers.

Claus Svendsen (Coordinator) presented the NanoFASE clickable Exposure Assessment Framework to a range of stakeholder participants (38 delegates from regulatory, academic & consultancy).

NanoFASE scientists Claus Svendsen, Stephen Lofts, Marianne Matzke, Karin Norrfors, Iseult Lynch, Helene Walch, Joris Quik, Samuel Harrison and Susana Loureiro ran the interactive event. By participating in the consultation workshop, the stakeholders got more insight about our NanoFASE Exposure Assessment Framework and with their active participation, valuable comments and suggestions, they helped us tailor the framework to be even more suited to the specific needs in the regulatory, industrial and research sector. Thanks to the stakeholders from all over the world for making this event a great success.