Zahra Khodaparast


Zahra Khodaparast

University of Aveiro



We asked our early stage researchers to tell us a bit about themselves and the work they will be conducting as part of the NanoFASE project. Zahra is working with Dr. Susana Loureiro.

I obtained my master degree in "Toxicology and Ecotoxicology" at University of Aveiro (UAVR), Portugal. For the master thesis, I worked on the effects of silver nanotoxicity on seawater gastropod larvae, a high scientific interest of mine.

Within NanoFASE, I am involved in work packages 7 (soils) & 9 (biota), focusing on the investigation of biota uptake and the interplay with toxic effects of engineered nanoparticles on the soil invertebrates. For this task to be fulfilled, mesocosms will be prepared in order to have environmentally relevant conditions to study the real effects of aged nanoparticles on the selected species.

Working with such fine materials with a high level of unpredictability may bring some challenges – addressing them is the most interesting part of the research! An important step along the way will be adoption of a well-designed methodology to reduce to the extent possible the uncertainties that will arise in such conditions. So, it is a given for me to perform my role as a nano-actress in my real life, curious about every aspect regarding the fate and behaviour of nanomaterials in the environment. Let me go to prepare myself for the next episode!