Vicenç Pomar


Vicenç Pomar

LEITAT Technological Center



Vicenç Pomar Portillo is working at the LEITAT Technological Center and within NanoFASE is involved in WP4 & WP1.

I am Spanish and graduated in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and Danmark Tekniske Universitet (DTU), where I spent the last half year of my degree. I also have a Master on Applied Materials Chemistry and today in 2017 I am doing a PhD in LEITAT, focused on the NanoFASE project.

Within NanoFASE I am involved in WP1 & WP4. In WP1 my role is to analyze nano-enabled products release pathways, including the identification of data gaps that could be filled in the project. A figure from our NanoFASE pathway analysis deliverable is shown below. In WP4 I am focused on monitoring (identification and quantification) potential release materials along the nano-enabled products life cycle. Since I am testing a high variety of products containing different nanomaterials, my daily tasks do not involve any 'routine work', making it more motivating and attractive for me. Furthermore, working with real products and being in direct contact with people from industry allows me to have an overall perspective on the different nanomaterials that are currently being used in real applications. 

During my spare time I love doing sports, especially playing football. But what I really enjoy is playing the guitar, occasionally performing on stage if possible!