Tassos Papadiamantis

Tassos Papadiamantis

University of Birmingham



Prof Iseult Lynch, University of Birmingham, WP3

I come from Greece and I got my BSc from the Physics Department of the University of Crete where I specialised in Atomic-Molecular Physics and LASERs. I also got an interdisciplinary MSc in "Optics and Vision" from the School of Medicine and the Departments of Physics, Materials Science and Technology and Mathematics, where I received training in instrumentation and in finding ways to combine methods from different fields (e.g. astronomy) to improve the capabilities and resolution of clinical and scientific instruments. Through my MSc and my work at the Institute of Vision and Optics I became interested in nano- and biomaterials, which led me to do my PhD at the University of Birmingham, in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline, where I studied the post-eruptive maturation process of dental enamel and developed a synthetic proxy, which was able to replicate the maturation process for research purposes.

During my PhD, I also got involved with EU FP7 projects like ModNanoTox and QualityNano and eventually joined NanoMILE as a postdoc, focusing mainly on database (DB) creation, data curation and subsequent data analysis, with the intention to identify and propose ways to bridge potential gaps in the cross-study continuity and comparability of ENM characterisations and bioassays. This work led me to NanoFASE where I am mainly part of WP3 dealing with the development of a DB, which will include the data produced in NanoFASE. To do so, I will be using the data curation technique developed by Duke University, and apply it to the datasets from NanoMILE and NanoFASE. This collaboration also links other EU and US projects aiming to link and harmonise different DBs, bring the nanosafety community closer, promote data sharing and contribute to wider project collaboration and continuity. I am also aiming to use mathematical and non-linear statistical techniques to analyse the produced data and try to identify underlying patterns between the physicochemical, atomic and molecular characteristics of ENMs and their effects on the environment and biological organisms. Looking forward to getting involved in some of the nano-corona work for WP9 as well. I am also part of EC4SafeNano project where I am assisting the Coordination Team and the Steering Group of the EU NanoSafety Cluster on their day-to-day activities and organisation.  

During my free time, I like to hang out with friends, cooking, reading and travel around the world studying the ways modern art is expressed through different cultures and religions.