Sam Harrison

Sam Harrison




Sam Harrison works within WP2, studying the fate and behaviour of engineered nanomaterials.

I started my scientific life as a quantum physicist, theoretically and experimentally studying the optical and electronic properties of semiconductor nanostructures for a wide variety of applications, such as the solar-powered production of hydrogen by photoelectrolysis, and high-speed lasers for next-generation data communications. For my Ph.D., I was a member of the Quantum Nanotechnology Group in Lancaster University’s Department of Physics, and I graduated in December 2016.

My work developing nanostructures has given me a unique perspective on their use, as well as experience working on interdisciplinary research, drawing on theory from areas such as nanotechnology, electrochemistry and semiconductor physics.I am excited to be applying this knowledge and my modelling experience to help develop the NanoFASE multimedia fate model as part of WP2..

My research interests are diverse, and I particularly enjoy studying our interactions with the natural world, and the implications of those interactions on us and on our planet as a whole. Ultimately, I am motivated by a desire to promote good environmental practices and to encourage sustainability.

Outside of academia, I enjoy all manner of outdoors-related activities, such as mountain running, climbing, mountaineering, cycling and hill walking.