Marta Baccaro


Marta Baccaro

Wageningen University



We asked our early stage researchers to tell us a bit about themselves and the work they will be conducting as part of the NanoFASE project. Marta, who is working with Nico van den Brink will coordinate the Young Scientists Network launched by NanoFASE.

I’m Italian (actually half German), and graduated in Ecotoxicology from Siena University (Italy). I spent a year at the UFZ - Helmholtz Institute for Environmental Research (Germany) as an intern working on kinetics of NPs accumulation in Zebrafish embryos and on toxicological effects. Since September 2015 I am a PhD candidate at Wageningen University, working full time on the NanoFASE project.

My work is focused on the quantification of accumulation kinetics of NPs in earthworms and description of their toxicokinetic pathways under environmentally relevant temporal conditions; identification of potential transformation of NPs within organisms; and development of environmentally relevant accumulation models by parameterising the kinetic pathways of NPs in soil organisms. I will be using an enzymatic digestion method, ICP-MS, and SP-ICP-MS – but this list is likely to lengthen as my studies progress.

I guess my biggest challenge will be the integration of parameters in mesocosm experiments. It will be crucial to combine species parameters in such a complex system as a mesocosm.

When not studying nanoparticles I enjoy nature, outdoor activities, plants and cooking (not only Italian food). I am obsessed with reading the labels of products and so I know many ingredients of which personal care products are made, some of which are nanoparticles!