Jessica Adams


Jessica Adams

NERC CEH  Lancaster

United Kingdom


Jessica Adams is currently working on her PhD (to be completed in the beginning of 2017) at the NERC CEH, Lancaster. In NanoFASE she is involved in WP7.

I am based in the UK and started as a research associate at CEH Lancaster in 2013, and I am largely interested in soil and freshwater chemistry. I decided to do a PhD alongside my job that was largely based on organic matter decomposition, which I set up myself and managed to get funding for.

"I am now coming to the end of my PhD and was luckily offered an open ended contract working on the NanoFASE framework for ENM exposure assessment in soils. In WP7 I am developing a protocol for measuring NP attachment/detachment efficiency through a series of batch experiments, using a certified standard soil and various other soil samples collected from the UK."

When not working or studying I love cycling, including racing and touring. I love the outdoors and exploring, and I am currently planning a trip to cycle around Iceland. I also enjoy running, swimming and hiking.