Antonia Praetorius


Antonia Praetorius

University of Vienna



Antonia Praetorius is a Post Doc at the University in Vienna and in NanoFASE she acts as a Deputy leader for WP8.

I enjoy working in international and multidisciplinary environments, making NanoFASE a great project for me. In WP8 I mainly contribute to selecting suitable methods to study heteroagglomeration of ENMs and I act as a link between WP8 and WP2. This entails "translating" between modelers and experimental scientists and navigating between two, sometimes very different, scientific spheres. It’s also a lot of fun and a great experience!

Reflection on leadership duties:

As deputy WP8 leader I enjoy the "behind the scenes" view on project management and am happy about the chance to experience the many complexities (and challenges) associated with running such a big operation.