Anita Jemec


Anita Jemec

University of Ljubljana




Anita Jemec, University of Ljubljana, is a senior ecotoxicologist, involved in the nanotoxicity field since 2006. She has done a career on toxicity testing of pesticides, metals and nanomaterials on freshwater and terrestrial crustaceans with a particular focus on biochemical alterations in organisms after the exposure. She has been actively involved in the EU project NanoValid, where she was in charge of the validation of the toxicity protocols for nanomaterial testing.

She became a member of the Technical committee SIST CEN/TC 352 "Nanotechnologies". Within NanoFase she will contribute to WP9, involved in terrestrial organisms biokinetic studies. Also, she will be involved in in vitro studies simulating the gut biotransformation of nanomaterials. Her main motivation throughout the career is to study new emerging threats that the organisms face. In line with this, her newest research focus is also on microplastic particles.