Andreas Gondikas

Andreas Gondikas

Gothenburg University



I am a postdoctoral researcher with specialization in environmental nanometrology. I hold a chemical engineering degree from the National Technical University of Athens (Greece), a PhD in Civil & Environmental Engineering, and a Master’s in Engineering Management from Duke University (U.S.A.). Following my PhD studies, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the group of Frank von der Kammer (University of Vienna) and am currently working in NanoFASE WP8 with Prof. Martin Hassellöv (Gothenburg University).

In the NanoFASE project, I am developing a means to simulate estuarine and marine systems with the goal to study the fate of nanomaterials in these systems. I will be using mostly spICPMS, Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis, and electron microscopy. I am intrigued by the complexity and unpredictability of natural systems and I enjoy trying new (and many times futile) ways of collecting and treating samples. 

My biggest challenge in achieving my objectives within NanoFASE is identifying model particles and organic matter that closely simulate natural systems. The challenge comes from the complexity and variability of natural systems and the limited information available.

When not studying nanoparticles I am studying microparticles. I also like hanging out with friends, swimming, watching TV series, and reading books.

An interesting fact about myself is that I drink a lot of coffee, but it usually takes me 2 – 3 hours to drink a cup. 

Andreas Gondikas was singled out as the 2017 'Rising star of Environmental Nanosciences' in an award bestowed by the 12th International Conference on the Environmental Effects of Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials (ICEENN).