Exposure Assessment Framework

Exposure Assessment Framework


In May 2018 we held a Hands-On Stakeholder Consultation to help shape the NanoFASE Framework. Feedback and ideas from the consultation are in the process of being implemented in the Framework now.


The NanoFASE integrated environmental Exposure Assessment Framework applicable to engineered nanomaterials will enable understanding and prediction on the "exposure" side of the risk assessment equation (Risk = Exposure x Hazard). 

We're gradually implementing an interactive online tool to present our Framework and make its components accessible to different stakeholders according to their interests. As we progress in the scientific work, you will be able to use the Clickable Framework to reach:

a) Detailed models developed for specific release and fate processes

b) Experimental and analytical methods used to derive the parameters required to use these models

c) Protocols for such investigations.

Click through the Soil compartment, where you can already view what our Clickable Framework has to offer.

As the full range of NanoFASE disciplines continue to build up the web of knowledge behind the Framework we are creating a diversity of entry points. In place are:

  • Compartments (environmental reactors)
  • Processes
  • Algorithms
  • Protocols
  • Fate Descriptors

To come are:

  • Materials
  • Studied Particles
  • Applications/Product Types (case studies)

NanoFASE Industry Partners (HEMPEL and Promethean Particles) told us how the Clickable Framework can support dialogue with internal and external stakeholders. Read the interview here.

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