NanoFASE in a nutshell: video-explained

We wrote about it, we tweeted about it, but now we decided to talk about it!

NanoFASE produced 13 videos on what the project is all about and what our major outcomes are. The videos explain what can be found in different sections of the project's Clickable Exposure Assessment Framework. From children to industry stakeholders, academia, regulators, or just anyone, visitors of the Clickable Framework can find all the knowledge, tools and models from NanoFASE and put them into their own pieces of work. 


Have a look at "NanoFASE explains" on YouTube to find each NanoFASE team presenting the what-how-and-why of its work during the past four years. Watch videos on: 

  • how do nanomaterials behave in the environment
  • real-world case studies towards nanosafety and innovation
  • how to predict and regulate the safe use of nanomaterials 
  • where nanomaterials start and what they eventually turn into 
  • what are the routes that nanoparticles take to enter the environment
  • what is the fate of engineered nanoparticles in managed waste-water facilities
  • what is the fate of airborne engineered nanomaterials 
  • what is the fate of engineered nanomaterials in soil and water 
  • what effect fo nanomaterials have on soil and water organisms
  • which is the role of industry in the NanoFASE project

All videos are available here