NIA 8th Annual Symposium, March 2019: NanoFASE grasps opportunity to focus dialogue with key stakeholders

Event reported by Claire Mays, NanoFASE, and NanoSafety Cluster Dissemination Group

Question: Where can you meet twenty NanoSafety Cluster (NSC) projects
and one Project Officer without going to a NanoSafety Cluster meeting?

Answer: At the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) 8th Annual Symposium!


NanoFASE was part of the group of 20 projects interacting with 50 stakeholders (industry representatives, regulators, EC officials and academics) at the 8th NIA Annual Symposium held in March 2019.

IMAGES: Lee Walker (CEH) discusses the NanoFASE concept and Exposure Assessment framework with an industry stakeholder; Ralf Kägi (EAWAG) reviews an electron microscopy approach to characterizing Ag-NP speciation and structuring in waste reactors.

Eleven high-level speakers took us on a state-of-the-art tour of issues, concerns and perspectives in nano innovation and safety.

NanoFASE’s Ralf Kägi (WP5) presented experimental work on engineered nanomaterials’ transformation in managed waste streams and showed that in fact, what ‘goes around’ does NOT ‘come around’.

Read our full report here to learn why, and pick up more insights on nano waste, the future of nano in Europe, and regulatory and standardization priorities.