NanoFASE at ECHA NMEG Expert meeting on REACH Annexes

In November 2018 NanoFASE’s modelling leader Steve Lofts and coordinator Claus Svendsen (NERC) flew in to Helsinki (directly from the NANOSAFE, NSC and the EPPN-NSC i2L joint Workshop on Safety Aspects in Pilot Lines in Grenoble). They joined NanoFASE water/sediments leader Frank von der Kammer (UNIVIE) to provide input to the specific ECHA ‘Workshop on supporting the implementation of the REACH information requirements for nanomaterials’. Here the experiences and results from NanoFASE were shared through a plenary presentation and detailed contributions to the Environmental breakout sessions. Lively discussions - balancing realism, relevance, legislative requirements and feasibility - were had between the ECHA and national regulators, the researchers and the industry representatives, with good progress on the Guidance for the implementation of the REACH information requirements. We very much look forward to adding further to this process before the final implementation in 2020.