Centralizing and integrating data with the NIKC database - Joint NanoFASE, NanoCommons and ACENano meeting with CIENT; pilot deposits of NanoFASE mesocosm data.

Representatives from the NanoSafety Cluster projects NanoFASE, Gracious, NanoCommons and ACEnano  recently met those from the CEINT NanoInformatics Knowledge Commons (NIKC) initiative. The NIKC is a custom cyberinfrastructure consisting of a data repository and associated analytical tools developed to visualize and interrogate integrated datasets.

Discussions focussed on demonstrating the capacity for global data entry to NIKC and the next steps towards the expansion of datasets within the NIKC to include exposure related studies, and specifically exposure across the nano-enabled product value chain.

Work has already begun on depositing NanoFASE mesocosm generated datasets into the NIKC as a pilot project with a view to expanding these efforts to other studies carried out as part of NanoFASE. These efforts are being accelerated through the development of data templates and curation of datasets in collaboration with the NanoCommons project.