NanoFASE partner Amepox won 1st prize in the AIRBUS-MERCK Sustainable Exploration Prize at SPACE EXPLORATION MASTERS 2017

Our NanoFASE project partner Amepox won 1st prize in the Sustainable Exploration Prize organized by Space Exploration Masters in Luxemburg on November 17-18, 2017. The AIRBUS-MERCK Sustainable Exploration Prize is dedicated for ideas that enable a sustainable space environment and human life in space. Our NanoFASE project partner Amepox together with ABM Space and young professionals from the Warsaw University of Technology have developed a smart sail concept to propel exploration missions which they named as "Golden Fleece".

The joint project has obtained excellent parameters of printed control circuits and application of metallic coatings on the sail using nano size silver and ink with silver for Ink Jet systems produced by Amepox. Now it will also receive support from Airbus and Merck.