NanoFASE science features at ICEENN 2017

Next week’s 12th International Conference on the Environmental Effects of Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials (ICEENN 2017), will have a strong representation from the NanoFASE project. The conference, to be held 3-6 September at the University of Birmingham, UK, will include four invited speakers from the NanoFASE project as well as a further 6 platform and poster presentations.

ICEENN 2017 will bring together researchers, regulators and industry to discuss recent advances in our understanding of both the fate and behaviour of nanomaterials and their applications in the environmental and the key issues relating to maintaining the economic and social benefits of nanotechnology.

The NanoFASE invited speakers will be presenting on "Nanoparticle analysis and characterisation: new approaches and surface" (Chady Stephan, Perkin Elmer), "Nanomaterials Interactions with ligands, biomolecules or matrices" (Serge Stoll, University of Geneva), "Nanomaterials release and environmental fate" (Antonia Praetorius, University of Vienna), and "Biological effects of nanomaterials including mixtures (in silico, in vitro and in vivo)" (Susana Loureiro, University of Aveiro).