spICP-MS: data analysis training Workshop


The spICP-MS: data analysis, hands-on training workshop will be held in Wageningen, The Netherlands from 10 to 12 January 2017. Two days workshops (day 1: lectures, day 2: computer exercises) will be supported by optional hands-on training on the ICP-MS instruments (PE Nexion 350D and Thermo iCapQ).  The workshop will focus on handling and analysis of single particle ICP-MS data, analysis strengths and limitations. The spICP-MS data will be analysed with the help of RIKILT SPC (Excel based single particle ICP-MS calculation spreadsheet) and Nanocount software.

Audience: PhDs, Postdocs, researchers on nanocharacterization. The number of participants is limited to 50 for the lectures, and 10 for the on hands-on training (20 in case of particularly high interest).

Dr Chady Stephan (Perkin Elmer)
Dr Geert Cornelis (Swedish Agricultural University)
Dr Andreas Gondikas (Univeristy of Vienna)

Tuesday: Lectures on single particle ICP-MS data analysis and application of the spICP-MS technique to the environmental(and ecotoxicological) studies.
Wednesday: spICP-MS data handling and analysis with RIKILT SPC and Nanocount software.
Thursday (optional): sample preparation and analysis by spICP-MS, including information about the Syngistic Nano application

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Anna Undas
| Email: anna.undas@wur.nl