Science based support for regulation of Manufactured Nanomaterials

"Science based support for regulation of Manufactured Nanomaterials" is a joint scientific conference of ProSafe & OECD. The event will take place from 29 Nov to 1 Dec 2016 at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris, France.

ProSafe aims to coordinate and strengthen existing and new initiatives in the field of nanosafety with emphasis on the regulatory context.
OECD's Programme on Manufactured Nanomaterials is focused on policy and regulatory aspects related to human health and environmental safety, which amongst other things means the development of instruments for safety assessment.
The ProSafe-OECD conference will discuss the results from European funded projects on nanosafety, as well as the results from the OECD's activities on nanosafety and their regulatory relevance.
This event will also be the final conference of EU FP7 project NANoREG.
The conference will support an effective implementation of existing risk assessment frameworks for manufactured nanomaterials underpinned by relevant regulatory findings from current research on nanosafety.
The outcomes and recommendations of the conference aims at providing further scientific advice on risk assessment throughout the supply chain and highlight policy areas for further consideration by regulatory bodies.
The conference will include platform presentations of the relevant research initiatives, followed by breakout discussions on the regulatory relevant areas of concern including physicochemical identification and characterization, exposure, fate and kinetics, ecological and health effects as well as testing and assessment strategies. All breakout sessions will be chaired by experts involved in the relevant research initiatives.


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