International Summer School: Nanoscience Meets Metrology


The SETNanoMetro project  organizes an international summer school "Nanoscience Meets Metrology: Synthesis, Characterization, Testing and Applications of Validated Nanoparticles" to take place form 4th to 9th September 2016 in Torino, Italy.

According to European Commission important challenges at European level are related to the establishment of validated method and instrumentation for detection, characterization and analysis of nanoparticles.

In this frame the SETNanoMetro project (started in 2013 and grouping 16 European partners) aims to move from the current trial and error approach toward the development of well-defined and controlled protocols for the production of NPs and to the establishment of correct metrological traceability chain in order to ensure the reliability of the results. To this scope the set-up of standardized experimental procedures is also needed for the characterization of individual NPs and films resulting from their assembly/aggregation, as well as of standardized rules for the evaluation of NPs and films performances in a variety of possible application fields, ranging from environment and energy to health.

Find more information on the SENanoMetro event's list and in the event's flyer.


Prof. Giuseppe Spoto
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