The Advanced Materials Show

The Advanced Materials Show - the very first in the series - will take place at The Telford International Centre (Shropshire, UK) from 10th – 11th July 2019. Spread over two action-packed days, The Advanced Materials Show will offer an insight into current and future materials development, with experts from all sides of the industry in attendance. The event provides a unique opportunity to meet with 200 suppliers of innovative materials and the entire R&D supply chain.

NanoFASE at the show: 

NanoFASE partner Selina Ambrose, Technical Manager at Promethean Particles is among the impressive line of speakers at the event. Selina will speak in a session titled "Nano Safety – Safe by Design", which will examine safety considerations and give real world, practical insight into manufacturing processes that can be put in place to ensure a safe environment for personnel, customers and end users. Full list of speakers is available here.

Registration and additional information is available on the official conference website.

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