Joint Event - ICEENN 2019 and NanoFASE Concluding Conference

The NanoFASE concluding conference will be organized in Vienna in coordination with the 14th International Conference on Environmental Effects of Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials - ICEENN 2019. ICEENN 2019 is the leading international conference on environmental nanoscience. ICEENN brings together researchers, industry and regulators to discuss recent advances in our understanding of the fate and behaviour of nanomaterials, their applications and possible effects in the environment and the key issues relating to maintaining the economic and social benefits of nanotechnology.

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In September, ICEENN 2019 is jointly organized by the Department of Environmental Geosciences at the University of Vienna and NanoFASE project. This offers participants a whole week of fascinating research, applications and training on topics spanning from basic research to application, modeling and regulatory aspects.

Contributions are invited to the following topics:
A - Eco-Toxicology of Nanomaterials
B - Nano-Bio Interactions and Uptake
C - Analytical Methods and Instrumentation
D - Release, Behavior and Fate in the Environment
E - Applications in the Environment
F - Modeling, Data Repositories and Nano-Informatics
G - Nano and Microplastics in the Aquatic Environment

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At the NanoFASE concluding conference open sessions get demonstrations and insight into the NanoFASE project models and the clickable Exposure Assessment Framework. For more details visit:

Conference Venue
University of Vienna's 9th district campus

Conference Series Organizers
Greg Goss - University of Alberta - CAN
Richard Handy - Plymouth University – UK (also NanoFASE)
Jamie Lead - University of South Carolina - US
Greg Lowry - Carnegie Mellon University – US (NanoFASE Advisor)
Eva Valsami-Jones - University of Birmingham - UK
Frank von der Kammer - University of Vienna – AT (also NanoFASE)

Local Organizing Committee
Frank von der Kammer
Silvia Jankovic



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