On track, with a vision for the future: NanoFASE partners discuss progress in Aveiro, Portugal

Every six months the NanoFASE Consortium gets together for an intensive in-person session discussing and planning the smooth execution of future research. One and a half years into the project, in March 2017 partners had the opportunity to gather in Aveiro, Portugal and not only measure current achievements but also take important decisions for the future.

The meeting was intentionally planned as a series of short, but focused sessions where partners could meet up with the right people and discuss their mutual work in person. Important issues discussed and milestones achieved at the meeting include:

  • Developing the NanoFASE model based on delivered reports on the spatial transport framework, release estimations and case study development behind it.

  • Discussing the progress and results connected with the project case studies and experimental framework along soil, water and air.

  • Securing particle choice, storage and delivery.

  • Putting it all together in the context of an easy to navigate and use Clickable Framework.


NanoFASE is a multi-layered project with a vision is to move from the current mainly mass-based lifecycle and release flow approaches towards assessment systems that can account for spatial and temporal variability of ENM release, environmental transport and fate. The project will develop an integrated Exposure Assessment Framework incorporating:

  • the behaviour of the actual relevant ENM forms released from ENM products (a distribution of composite bound and free particles);

  • how reactions in waste management and environmental compartments (or "reactors") transform such release-relevant ENMs (integrating environmental speciation with ENM properties); and

  • the consequences of these transformations for transport and fate and among the different environmental compartments including organism uptake and local accumulation of ENMs in some environmental compartments (environmental sinks and hot spots).

Bringing all components together during the 6-month meetings is an essential part of the project’s workflow.